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Well, hello there, Lauren and Cody and all you other fine people who I just know I am meant to work with!  I might know some of you through friends of friends, it is Small Lake City, you know.  Or maybe I just think I know you because I stalk follow a few of you on Instagram.  Either way.

I was going to follow the rules and send an email as you’ve asked interested parties to do, but I’m quite picky on how I want things to look and an email just won’t do.  So instead, I decided to write to you here on my blog and make my plea letter of interest look exactly how I want it to.

I’m not a control freak.  Really.

Let me start out by telling you a funny thing.  Just a few weeks ago, I was having dinner with an old friend and I told her I had been reading your agency’s newsletter and looking at your Instagram feed.  I told her how bad-ass I thought your whole concept was, and that I intended to ONE DAY work with you all.  And then she saw your posting on needing help and sent it to me!  It’s fate!  MEANT TO BE!

I’m also not too concerned about my readers seeing my job application and resume here on my website – although you will notice I am attempting to be discreet by not saying what company I’m applying to work with.  See?  I can be discreet!!  (My friends are all snorting right now.)  Anyhow, my blog readers have seen me through lots of ups and downs over the past few years, so I’m not at all afraid of putting this out there – my dream of working with a group of interesting designers and realtors – because I’m not afraid to let them see me fail.  Failure is in the eye of the beholder.  It’s all good.

Enough small talk.

I am Piper Benjamin, and I think I would fit quite smartly in some capacity at your agency.  I’m not sure what or where or for who…but I do know that I love homes, houses, design, building, organizing, selling, talking to people, and the city of Salt Lake in which we live.  I think I have many qualities you could utilize in your business.

piper 2


Here I go in trying to explain them (and my experience) to you without going overboard and creating a freaking novel.

1)  I like to write.  Feel free to peruse this blog and you can judge for yourself.  I’m not an expert at it, but I do know that the more I write, the better I become at it.  I like expressing my personality and I love to make others laugh.  I also like to think that sometimes I help people feel as if we are all paddling together upstream in this crazy river we call LIFE.

2)  I like to take pictures.  Again, I’m self-taught in this area.  I love pictures of beautiful things, and I love pictures of people – who are all beautiful to me in some capacity.  Sometimes I even get paid to do this.

 nancy & maddie 1

jessica headshot

baby jaxson


3)  I love home design.  I love the potential of houses to have their own personality and life; I like helping friends pick out paint colors, tile, floor coverings, and art.  I love looking at beautiful things and feeling inspired to create art myself.  At this point, I’ve had the opportunity to remodel a few rooms and I want to learn more.  I respect other people’s knowledge and experience – and I can easily say that design is a passion for me.  That word is totally overused and usually makes me want to claw the walls.  But it’s true.

toland kitchen

(my kitchen…we remodeled last spring)

toland bathroom

jones kitchen

(a friend’s kitchen I had the chance to help with…)

jones kitchen closeup

(I love floral design…I actually worked for a bit in my friend Rachael’s shop – Roots.)

living rooms-001

(my living room)

4)  I’m interested in building, history, and architecture, although I’ve never studied any of these subjects.  I actually have a master’s in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,  and this was my career for many years in my past life.  Yes, I’m fluent in sign language.  I’ve worked in the art department in the motion picture industry, been a receptionist at an advertising agency, waited tables, worked as a tutor, raised children, and I currently help run a small Pilates studio in Sugarhouse with my business partner Holly.  I teach a few classes a week and will always love Pilates.  This is Holly.  And me on my equipment.

holly and piper


5)  I am the founding member and one-third of “Rap Moms”.  Rap Moms is just one of the many things I love in my life.  We are that YouTube phenomenon channel you know nothing about.  But it’s really, really fun and it satisfies the frustrated actress in me.  Rap Moms wouldn’t be possible without my team of Stacia and Darby.  I know how it feels to work on a successful team – because together I feel we really make magic- and it is one of the best feelings EVER.

rap mom awesome

darby editing

6)  I like to have fun and I’m pretty confident I can say I have a good sense of humor.  I don’t mind making mistakes or looking like a fool.  I’m a devoted friend to those who treat me right.  I am happy to give my time to things that make me feel good.  I like helping others.  I love making people happy.  I’m a loyal friend.  I love my kids and my husband.  I especially love it when my husband steals my cell phone and sends hilarious text messages to my friends.

piper and brad costa rica

(This is my husband and me in Costa Rica.  I can pull better faces than him.)

sloan at preschool

beatty in the sand

beatty's burka

(This is not my son’s summer burka.  He likes wearing the cover to the gas grill.)

piper in whistler

(I like to ski.  A lot.  It is probably the one sport that I’m pretty good at.  This is in Whistler, BC.)

funny text

(My husband Brad really impressed me with this one.)


So…let’s talk.  I can tell you more in person why I think I would be an asset to your group.  I’ll make you a margarita and we can challenge each other to a game of Trivial Pursuit.

I’ll even bet you ten bucks that I will win.



PS – even if you don’t call me for an interview, I will still add you to my Christmas card list.  Because I like you and I think you would really enjoy my Christmas cards.  Here is what you’ve missed the past two years:

2013 xmas card

2012 xmas card

(I’m supposed to look surprised at the miracle birth of a baby with a beard, but look more like

a Jewish lady who’s saying, “OY VEY!”, which is OK with me.  The angel liked rubbing baby Jesus’ head. )




  1. I must say you are pretty damn talented. Just look at that body of work!

  2. Brenda Sue Cowley says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! They are CRAZY not to hire you. And Piper? You DESERVE to be recognized and celebrated for your many (beyond belief) talents.

    I love this post– because I particularly adore it when you take a moment to remind yourself that you ARE a ROCK STAR!

    (One of the friends I hope is still on your list.) ❤

  3. Balls, woman! Big Brass Ones! Oh, and lol at dipshit dynasty.

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